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april-pictures-010There was a terrific crowd at the Montana Marketplace on March 28th but this little shopper was my favorite!


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april-books-055Matisse awaits your artful words and sketches! 80 surfaces of so soft Rives lightweight paper.

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Bird Book

april-books-031This gorgeous journal has 80 surfaces of Rives lightweight paper and blue twill tape bows!

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april-pictures-079This 6x6x1.5 inch box features the Polka-dotted smoking bear. Inspired by my sister’s 2nd grade story of the polka-dotted smoking bear who smoked an exploding cigar, this is an linoleum print accented by Paper Source paper and copper feet.

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Here are three new 4×6 inch acid free journals. The text paper is Rives lightweight (5 signatures with 80 surfaces) handsewn with linen thread, bookcloth and a variety of cover and end papers. Perfect size for travelers or people who always need a writing surface at hand. They have a great feel in the palm of a hand!

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new-studio-011The New Front Door

The New Front Door

This art deco gate is the entry to Magpie Design’s new studio space. I moved from a tiny room in my tiny house to a beautiful, spacious and sunny room in this building. Above the door is the new work bench! Next door to me you can find an antique store, a bead store and an art gallery. Perfect! I join a group of artists, architects and writers in the building in downtown Great Falls.

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